The Three Year Civil Engineering Diploma Course was Started in the academic Year 2009. The Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics focuses on two broad areas of instruction and research. The first, the classical field of civil engineering, deals with the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of structures and the infrastructure. These include buildings, foundations, bridges, transportation facilities, nuclear and conventional power plants, hydraulic structures, and other facilities essential to society. The second is the science of mechanics and its applications to various engineering disciplines. Frequently referred to as applied mechanics, it includes the study of the mechanical properties of materials, stress analysis of stationary and movable structures, the dynamics and vibrations of complex structures, aero- and hydrodynamics, micro- and Nano mechanics, and the mechanics of biological and energy systems. Civil Engineers are an integral part of society. It is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction and maintenance of the naturally built environment. It is a very diverse profession offering Environmental, Geotechnical, Structural, Transport and Hydraulic Engineering. Due to its diversities there are a whole lot of things one can do in this field.
Civil engineering is all about helping people and shaping the world. It’s the work that civil engineers do to make our lives much easier


I – IS


To become a school of excellence that brings out civil engineers with high technical competencies and promotes high-end research to meet the current and future challenges in civil engineering.
Enable these leaders with fundamental engineering knowledge, a broad set of skills, and an inquisitive attitude
To produce civil engineers of high caliber, technical skills and ethical values to serve the society and nation
To impart knowledge centre in civil engineering education and entrepreneurship skills


A career after civil engineering is highly rewarding. There are jobs that involve supervision, construction, design and analyzes of private as well as public projects, such as dams, highways, canals, water sewages and bridges. The profession demands excellent skills for both administration and supervision of projects. Inculcating the feeling of oneness and Service to Humanity, in the Minds of Students to Serve the Society Better


  • Surveying Lab
  • Material Testing Lab
  • Cad Lab
  • Construction practice Lab
  • Hydraulic Lab
  • Computer applications in civil engineering Lab


  • Nikhilesh Das
    Nikhilesh Das
    B.Tech (Civil)
  • Amlan Pattnayak
    Amlan Pattnayak
    M.Tech (Geotechnical Engineering)
  • Rajashree Pandia
    Rajashree Pandia
    B.Tech (civil Engineering)
  • Priyanka Barik
    Priyanka Barik
    B.Tech (Civil Engineering)