The Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering was established in 2009. The department keeps track of the latest developments in the field of electronics and telecommunication in terms of its teaching program and laboratory activities. In addition to core subjects in the field of Electronics, a range of allied subjects are taught to prepare the student for diverse roles in the IT industry. The Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering at our institute has a rigorous quality assessment rating for teaching.

Apart from teaching , the department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering is actively involved in conducting several events throughout the course of the year like seminars, projects and presentations. Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering is offering technology oriented courses and creating manpower in the strategic areas well compatible with the industrial expectations.

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering is one of the most ever growing branches in engineering. It is the heart of the advanced technologies. There is great demand of E & TC Engineers in the fields of Mobile Communication, Satellite, Radar, VLSI, Embedded Design, Medical and Microwave. We provide workshop and laboratory facilities and well qualified & experienced faculties. E & TC department has well equipped laboratories as Basic Electronics, Applied Electronics, Power & Instrumentation, Digital Electroni cs, Communic ation, Microproce ssor laboratory.

To produce globally competitive and socially sensitized innovators and to bring out quality research in the frontier areas of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

To provide quality and contemporary education in the domain of Electronics And Communication Engineering through periodically updated curriculum, Best-Of-Breed laboratory facilities, collaborative ventures with industries and effective Teaching-Learning process.


  • Micro Processor And micro Controller Lab
  • VLSI Lab
  • Embedded System Lab
  • Advance Communication System Lab
  • Simulation Lab
  • Communication Systems Lab
  • Digital Electronics Lab
  • Basic Electronics Lab
  • DSP Lab
  • Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab



  • Bibekananda Panda
    Bibekananda Panda
  • Ashish Giri
    Ashish Giri
  • Saswat Ranjan Baral
    Saswat Ranjan Baral
  • B Chittaranjan Patra
    B Chittaranjan Patra
  • Dhaneswar Das
    Dhaneswar Das