Electrical Engineering department is well equipped with the latest equipments. Computing facilities are provided to the students with view to have excellent practical hands on modeling & simulation network. Electrical Engineering is arguably the technology which has shaped the world we live in. All aspects of our lives are affected by the electrical power we take for granted. Electrical Engineers are responsible for the continued safe and responsible development of this technology in all its many applications, through research, design and development, manufacture, service, marketing and consulting. Electrical Engineering is a dynamic and exciting discipline which will continue to serve the needs of society through the economic and responsible exploitation of existing technology and the development of innovative ideas. The department works actively for all round development of students. Electrical engineering is considered to deal with the problems associated with large-scale electrical systems such as power transmissions and electric motor controls. In fact electrical engineers are usually concerned with using electricity to transmitting of energy and depth of study is not restricted.


The vision of the Department is to be well recognized regionally and internationally for excellence in its educational programs, pioneering research activities and in full compliance to the international standards of quality assurance.


  • The department will make the best effort to promote intellectual, ethical and technological environment to the students.
  • The department invokes the desire and ability of life-long learning in the students for pursuing successful career in engineering.
  • To provide high-quality education to our students at the undergraduate level.


The Department has traditional and modern laboratories. Some of the equipment and software available in the various laboratories are detailed as under. Here we are providing the following labs to our students.

  • Electrical drawing
    Electrical lab. Practice – ii
    Power electronics lab
    Microprocessor lab.
  • Electrical works practice
  • Simulation practice on matlab
  • Mechanical engineering lab
  • Analog electronics lab
  • Circuit theory lab
  • Electrical lab. Practice – i
  • Digital electronics lab.
  • Mechanical workshop practice
  • Basic electrical engg. Lab



  • Rajesh Hazra
    Rajesh Hazra
  • Sanjaya Kumar Mahapatra
    Sanjaya Kumar Mahapatra
    B.Tech (elect)
  • Shreemashree Ashima Sahoo
    Shreemashree Ashima Sahoo
  • Rashmi Ranjan Behera
    Rashmi Ranjan Behera
  • Md Azharuddin
    Md Azharuddin
  • Ashutos Mohanty
    Ashutos Mohanty